Province: Khuvsgul  province
Centre of sum: Khankh    , 280 km located from Murun.
Population: 2'587
Area: 5498 km2

Khankh is a sum (district) of Khuvsgul  province in Mongolia. In the same year, Khuvsgul province was established in 931, Khankh soum was established in the beginning of Lake Khuvsgul.

 It covers a total area of 5,500 km². It has 2460 inhabitants. The soum center is located at the Khuvsgul Lake,  22 km from Khankh-Monid border crossing. The highest point in Khuvsgul aimag is Munkh Saridag, located in the territory of the soum and around the Russian border.

Khankh sum is located:

  • 1020 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 280 km from the province center.