Province: Khuvsgul  province
Centre of sum: Alag-Erdene  , 62 km located from Murun.
Population: 3'002
Area: 4500 km2

Alag-Erdene  is a sum (district) of Khuvsgul province in Mongolia. The Alag-Erdene sum was established  in 1926. The area is about 4,500 km², of which 1,460 km² is forest and 2,760 km² is pasture.

The population of this soum was 3002. It is inhabited by Khalkha, Zuun, Urguun and Uriankhai ethnic groups. The center of Mankhan is located approximately 62 km north of Murun and 733 km from the capital, UlanBaatar. There is Lake Khovsgol in the northern border.

Alag-Erdene sum is located:

  • 733 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 62 km from the province center.