www.Mongolia-Guide.com (the "Platform") is an internet based web page platform that allows Mongolia's service providers (the "Members") to offer their knowledge and experience with a particular travel destination or activity (the "Offering") with Users (the "User"). The Platform acts as an agent to provide accurate information, allow the User to compare the Members' offerings, exchange information and select appropriate offering (the "Service"). By accepting, you are deemed to have agreed our Terms of Use.

Accuracy of Content

Although the Platform approves and validates content published by the Members, the Members themselves retain the right to alter the text, pictures and other information that they create in the Platform. Thus the responsibility of the content lies with the Member, who produced it to the Platform.

The contents of our pages have been created with the utmost care. However, we cannot guarantee the contents’ accuracy or completeness of the users. The Platform is only responsible for its own content on it.


The Platform acts solely as an agent to present, list and connect Members with the Users. No guarantees of the functioning of the Service are given. The Platform has no responsibilities for the content of the listings nor for the carrying out of the listed Offerings (tours, guides, accommodations, Visa support). The Member service provider (travel operator etc.) alone is responsible for the quality and execution of its listed services. The Users themselves are responsible for their actions on the Platform and they should estimate the reliability of the members before dealing with them. Under no circumstances the Platform can be held liable for damages that are caused to the user.

Accountability for External Links

Responsibility for the content of external links (to web pages of third parties) lies solely with the operators of the linked pages. The Platform only reserves the right to remove the external contents, should it finds any illegal, non-performing and not appropriate content. The User may report to the Platform about aforementioned contents.

The Blocking of a User

The Platform has the right to block or remove any user from the Platform and terminate its right of use without notice, if it deems the User has breached the Terms of Use, without being liable for compensation. Such breach may include but not limited to activity of harassment of other Users and/or Members, and publishing unlawful contents.

Payment, Cancellation and Refund

The User is required to pay the booking amount (Confirmation payment) at the booking process to confirm the booking (the "Confirmed booking"). Such amount will be calculated and presented to you, depending on the booking condition provided by the Member.

Cancellations can be made free of charge (excluding bank transfer fee) if the Service is not occurring within 30 calendar days.

If a Member cancels a confirmed booking made via the Platform,

  1. the User may receive an email or other communication from the Platform containing alternative Listings and other related information. Should the User chooses to select from the alternative offerings, the Platform shall invoice or refund the gap between selected offering and cancelled booking.
  2. If the User chooses not to select alternative offering and/or if there is no alternative offerings, a refund of the confirmed booking shall be made within a commercially reasonable time.


The Platform may support the User in the process of receiving the necessary visas etc. However, under no circumstances the Platform can be held liable for damages if visas or entries were refused.

Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

The Platform, its service and its terms of use shall be under the Laws of Mongolia. Any dispute shall be solved under the laws of Mongolia.


All form of utilizing, reproducing or processing works on our web pages requires the prior consent of the respective owner of the rights. Individual reproductions of works are allowed only for private use, so must not serve either directly or indirectly for earnings.

Our web page(s) and its contents are protected under the Mongolia's copyright law.