Province: Khuvsgul  province
Centre of sum: Jargalant  , 177 km located from Murun.
Population: 5'098
Area: 2549 km2

Jargalant is a sum (district) of Khuvsgul  province in Mongolia. The Jargalant sum was first established in 1931 by the name Ikhjargalant soum of Arkhangai province. In 1941 he moved to Khuvsgul province.

Jargalant is a soum of Khuvsgul province now. The area is 2,550 km² and 1,470 km² is pasture. In 2000, the population of the soum was  5068, most of which were Khalkhs.  There is a Jargalant temple, one of the few monasteries remaining in Mongolia during the socialist period. There is also the Gelenkhuu’s Suvarga.

Jargalant sum is located:

  • 848 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 177 km from the province center.