Province: Khuvsgul  province
Centre of sum: Ikh-Uul   , 2023 km located from Murun.
Population: 4'112
Area: 2023 km2

Ikh-Uul is a sum (district) of Khuvsgul  province in Mongolia. Ikh-Uul sum  was established in 1931. The total number of households is 1166, the population of 4060 is mostly Khalkha and Khotgor.

Ikh-Uul soum has a territory of 202382 hectares and is bordered with Tarialan, Rashaant, Tosontsengel, Tunel, Tosontengel, and 559 km from Ulaanbaatar.
The sum is 1050 m above sea level. The highest mountain in the country is Khalzan Eagle, and Mankhan mountain is located at 2083-2263 m. It has a hot summer and harsh winter.

  • The average temperature in January is -24 C
  • Average temperature in July +20 С

Ikh-Uul sum is located:

  • 559 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 112 km from the province center.