Province: Zavkhan Province
Centre of sum: Songino  , 259 km located from Uliastai city.
Population: 1'486
Area: 2500 km2

Songino  is a sum of Zavkhan Province in western Mongolia. In 1931, it was established from Setsen Sartuul. The sum has 1486 inhabitants and 69197 heads of livestock. The Songino sum is 248953 hectares.
In northwestern Zavkhan province:

  • 1035 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • It is located 259 km from the aimag center.

Bordered by Bayankhairkhan, Tudevai, Tsetsen Uul and Santander in Zavkhan province and Bayanghairkhan, Tudevai, Tsetsen Uul, Zarankhaatar and Zuuhkhangai sums of Uvs aimag.
An elevation of 1600-2400m above sea level. In physical geography, the northern part of the Khangai Mountains is situated in the Plateau of the Great Lakes Basin with geomorphology in Gobi Khangai.

It is dry, cool and cool in winter.

  • Average January temperature -35 ° C
  • Average temperature in July is +30 ° C