Province: Zavkhan Province
Centre of sum: Durvuljin  , 143 km located from Uliastai city.
Population: 2'563
Area: 7300 km2

Durvuljin is a sum of Zavkhan Province in western Mongolia. Durvuljin sum was established in 1931 from Setsen Sart mountain from Khoshuuir mountain province.

Climate is continental with extreme continental climate, average winter temperatures of 35-40 degrees Celsius, summer temperatures average of 30-35 degrees Celsius, mostly in dry climates, and average annual precipitation of 38.1 mm.

Durvuljin Sum is located in the Gobi region of Zavkhan province, Ural, Zavkhanmandal, Erdenekhairkhan, Yaruu, Aldarkhaan, Bayan-Uul, Khukh horsurt, Govi-Altai province, Chandmani, Durgun and Zavkhan sums of Khovd aimag. The total area is 72602 hectares, the sum center is about 148 km from deer and aimag center. Five Baghs of Deer, Balangal, Tsogt, Tavan Tolgoi and Excellence have 639 households, 2563 people and 115.9 thousand heads of livestock.

  • 1093 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 143 km away from the province center.