Province: Tuv Province
Centre of sum: Undurshireet , 235 km located from Zuunmod city.
Population: 1'844
Area: 2712 km2

Undurshireet  is a sum of Tuv Province in Mongolia. Undurshireet soum  was established in 1924 and was formerly known as Zorigt Van’s khoshuu of Tusheet Khan province. There are 1844 people in 597 households.
Southwest of Tuv Province:

  • 188 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • It is located 235 km from the aimag center.

It is bordered with Erdenesant, Lun, Altanbulag, Buren and Bayan-Unjuul sums of Tuv aimag. Having Bayan-Khentii, Gurvan Khudag, and White Rocks Mountains. MountainKhan, Mergen, Bayan Ulaan, Mongolia, Naranbileg, Uyanga, and Zuulun . Desert mouth, Great mouth, Tesegt, Barchgai, Berkh, Shiiriin pipeline, Uyangiin valley and Doloon khudag steppes.

Undurshireet soum has 271,200 hectares of Tuul river basin and generous area of the steppe region.