Province: Tuv Province
Centre of sum: Argalant , 106 km located from Zuunmod city.
Population: 1'667
Area: 1210 km2

Argalant is a sum of Tuv Province in Mongolia. The Argalant soum  was founded in 1977 with the second year of land acquisition. It has 112,6 thousand hectares of land, 15850 ha of land and 85703 ha of pastureland. In 533, there are 1667 people. Total land area is 112637 hectares.
The soum is located in the northwestern province.

  • Located 82 km to the west of Ulaanbaatar.
  • It is located 106 km from the province center

In the north, Bayantsogt soum, bicyclists borders Ulaanbaatar, in the south with Altanbulag and in the west with Bayankhangai.
Soums are located at 1200 m above sea level, with sandy light brown soil, combined with Khangai Gobi with beautiful nature and the soum area is suitable for steppe and steppe zones, livestock and crop cultivation.

Extremely continental climate. The average monthly temperature in January is -25 ° C, average monthly temperature + 20 ° C.