Province: Tuv Province
Centre of sum: Lun , 175 km located from Zuunmod city.
Population: 2'500
Area: 2929 km2

Lun  is a sum of Tuv Province in Mongolia. Lun soum  was founded in 1924 and was founded by the name of the Mergen altgantai of Tusheet Khan aimag. 2500 inhabitants. Total land area is 252955 hectares.
West of Tuv Province:

  • It is located 135 km from Ulaanbaatar
  • 175 km from the province center.

Boundaries between Ulaanbaatar and Altanbulag, Undurshireet, Zaamar, Ugtaal, Bayankhangai, Erdenesant and Bayannuur and Bulgan aimags.
Physical geography is included in the region of Khentii mountain range and geomorphology in the Tuul subdivision of the Orkhon-Selenge region of low mountains.
Having dry and hard winter.

  • The average temperature in January is 26.3С
  • Average temperature in July + 20.4С