Province: Khovd Province
Centre of sum: Must  , 180 km located from Khovd city.
Population: 3'289
Area: 3927 km2

Must is a sum (district) of Khovd Province in western of Mongolia. Must sum was first established on March 15, 1941 as Munkhkhairkhan near an area called Tavtiin Adag Us. Soum has total 795 households and 3289 population.

The sum is 392.7 thousand hectares, and is located in the mountains of the Altai Mountains. It is in the winter -21-30 in the winter and the high altitude mountain high altitude is warming up to 20-28 degrees in summer. The highest point of the soum is the Baatarhairkhan mountain low at 3966 meters above sea level, 1600 meters in the Tsetseg River Salt valley.

Must sum is located:

  • 1331 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 180 km from the province center.