Province: Khovd Province
Centre of sum: Erdeneburen , 61 km located from Khovd city.
Population: 3'414
Area: 2556 km2

Erdeneburen  is a sum (district) of Khovd Province in western of Mongolia. The State Great conference established Erdeneburen suoum on 7 February 1931.

The soum center is located 61 km from the province center, 1461 km from the capital, with a total area of 268.5 thousand hectares, of which 2431 hectares of land, 273 hectares of hayfields, and a geographical location combined with high mountains and desert areas in the Great Lakes Depression.

Erdeneburen  sum is located:

  • 1461 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 61 km from the province center.