Province: Uvurkhangai Province
Centre of sum: Khujirt  , 84 km located from Arvaikheer.
Population: 2'281
Area: 1717 km2

Khujirt is a sum (district) of Uvurkhangai Province in southern Mongolia. In May 1931, Khaluun-Us soum was established under Arkhangai aimag and moved to Uvurkhangai aimag in May, 1934, with 5 bags, 575 households, 2281 residents and 53725 heads of livestock.
Currently 5 bags, 6750 people and 145437 heads of livestock. Total area is 171782.0 hectares
Northeast region of Uvurkhangai province:

  • 80 km from Ulaanbaatar
  • 84 km from the aimag center.

Border to Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai aimag, Kharkhorin, Nine-species, Ulziit, Bat-Ulzii and Zuunbayan-Ulaan soums.
Highly flowing rivers, including Orkhon, Khujirt, Burgundy, Teel and Kharz, such as high Sant, Mougt, Hume, Aul, Dulaan, InnerModot, Hangi, Beetaii, Mukhangai, Lake Khudag, Uurts, , Moullt, Tsvirai, and Khunkileg. There are hot springs and springs in the sum center, with spa resorts based on hot springs of 39-60 degrees.

It has a cool summer and harsh winter.

  • The average temperature in January is -25 ° C
  •  Average temperature in July + 20 ° C