Province: Uvurkhangai Province
Centre of sum: Guchin-Us, 105 km located from Arvaikheer.
Population: 2'235
Area: 4753 km2

Guchin-Us is a sum (district) of Uvurkhangai Province in southern Mongolia. Guchin-Us sum was founded in 1924, former Erdene-Noyon Khan khoshuu of and Sain Noyon Khan province. There are 2235 people in 601 households. Total area is 475250ha.
In southwestern Uvurkhangai province:

  • 520 km from Ulaanbaatar
  • 105 km from the province center.

It borders Tarakan, Tugrug, Baruunbayan-Ulaan, Bogd, and Khairkhanulaan sums of your province. Physical geography is located in the hills and desert steppe zones of the Khangai Mountains. The highest point '' Argalant mountain '' is 1875m tall. The lowest point is "Mongolian tube" 1560m. sums are suitable for mountainous and steppe hills and livestock.

Warm winter, cold winter.

  • The average temperature in January is 9-14 ° C
  • Average temperature in July + 17-22 ° C