Province: Selenge Province
Centre of sum: Tushig    , 135 km located from Sukhbaatar.
Population: 1'700
Area: 2492 km2

Tushig  is a sum (district) of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia.  Tushig sum  is located south of Tsagaannuur soum, west side of Saikhan soum of Bulgan province, east side of Suhbaatar aimag, border with Jida province of Buryatia, Russia, and 7 km from Russia to border crossing space. Agriculture and livestock production.

There are five state budget entities and 9 agricultural businesses with a population of 1700. There are 51,0 thousand livestock and 527 households.

Tushig  sum is located:

  • 413 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 135 km from the province center.