Province: Selenge Province
Centre of sum: Shaamar  , 22 km located from Sukhbaatar.
Population: 3'858
Area: 671 km2

Shaamar is a sum (district) of Selenge Province in northern Mongolia.  The sum was founded in 1924 in Orkhon-Shaamar, which is located in the Orkhon valley. The population of 1115 houses is 3858 people. The soum has 67,191 hectares of land, of which 24842 hectares of forest.

Sukhbaatar sum, Selenge aimag, Zuunburen sum, Dulaanhaan village and Khushaat soum borders with Orkhon sum of Darkhan-Uul province.

The total land area is 67191 hectares, of which agricultural land is 31196 / hay-9500, grazing land-17496, crop-4200 hectares / forest land 10104, 971 water reservoir, 22075 special purpose land, , and the Infrastructure Department is within 1316 hectares of land.

The sum is the first time in Mongolia to grow beetle and is the leader in the country of agriculture.

Shaamar sum is located:

  • 304 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 22 km from the province center.