Province: Bayankhongor Province
Centre of sum: Ulziit   , 18 km located from Bayankhongor.
Population: 3'590
Area: 3853 km2

Ulziit is a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in southern Mongolia. The Ulziit sum  was first established in 1924. It was the homeland of the holy Lam of Sain-Noyon Khan. The beautiful territory consists of extraordinary natural formation, historical attractions, rare animals and plants. The land also cover vast territory of forest and steppe and considered as relatively large sum with 3853 km2 land and total population of 3590.

  • Situated 610 km from Ulaanbaatar capital 
  • 18 km from the province central.

The sum borders with Uyanga and Nariin teel sum of Uvurkhangai province by the east, borders with Bogd, Jinst sums of Bayankhongor province by the west and Erdenetsogt sum by the northern side of its land. 

  • Atmosphere
  • Air temperature in cold seasons  -18 to  -30  °С
  • Air temperature in warm seasons +15 to +27 °С