Province: Bayankhongor Province
Centre of sum: Bayan-Undur , 276 km located from Bayankhongor.
Population: 2'216
Area: 16891 km2

Bayan-Undur is a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in southern Mongolia. Bayan-Undur sum  was first established in 1923, used be known as Zasagt Khan province Jononvan khoshuu. With population of 2516 in 715 households. The area covers 1689135 hectars.
In the southwest of Bayankhongor province: 

  • Located 909 km from Ulaanbaatar capital. 633 km is pavement and 276 km is dirt road 
  • It is situated 276 km from the province center. It borders with the People’s Republic of China, Bayantsagaan sum, Shinejinst of Bayankhongor province and Erdene sum of Govi-Altai province. It is connected with a dirt road to reach the province capital. 

Dry and cool in the summer and stern wintertime. 

  • Average temperature in January – in air 16.5°С, in soil -23.4 °С
  • Average temperature in July, in air +17.4°С, in soil +27.6°С
  • Average annual wind speed 8.12 m/sec
  •  Average annual precipitation 11.2 mm