Province: Bayankhongor Province
Centre of sum: Bayantsagaan, 245 km located from Bayankhongor.
Population: 3'336
Area: 5395 km2

Bayantsagaan is a sum (district) of Bayankhongor Province in southern Mongolia. It is situated on the between thend of Mongolian Altai mountains and the Govi-Altai mountains and lies 170-3500 m above sea level, covers 539513.0 hectar area.  

Rare, endangered species such as snow leopard, snow cock, wild sheep, lynx, white weasel, marten, ibex, marmots, foxes, wolves, pallas cat, steppe fox, rabbits roam the land. 

Also, medicinal herbs like cedar, roseroot, marmot shank, licorice, evergreen shrubs grows in Bayantsagaan.  The land is abundant with succulent plants like wild onion, onions,  pasture plants such as feather grass, steppe wheat grass, wormwood and woody plants like sage and etc.. 

Bayantsagaan sum is located:

  • 876 km from Ulaanbaatar city
  • 245 km from province center.