Province: Dundgobi Province
Centre of sum: Undurshil  , 182 km located from  Dundgobi.
Population: 4'640
Area: 4844 km2

Undurshil is a sum (district) of Dundgovi Province in central Mongolia. It was originally from Dornogovi aimag and was founded in Dundgovi province. It was founded in 1941 by the soum of Gobi Gurvan Tus on the Tusheet Khan Aimag. 484.4 hectares of land. There are 4640 inhabitants in 466 households and 65,003 heads of livestock.

Having borders with Mandakh, Saikhandulaan, Airag, Dalanjargalan soums of Dornogovi province, Bayanjargalan, Gurvansaikhan and soums of Ulziit soum of Dornogovi province.

Undurshil sum is located:

  • 356 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 182 km from the province center.