Province: Dundgobi Province
Centre of sum: Luus , 50 km located from  Dundgobi.
Population: 2'084
Area: 3160 km2

Luus  is a sum (district) of Dundgovi Province in central Mongolia. Luus soum  was founded in 1924, the population is 2084. 55 km from the soum center, 320 km from Ulaanbaatar and connected to high voltage. It has 3160 territories.

Coronation is thin brown, brown, brown, and brown. Growing condition (Gobi) plants, such as bridle, grass, bark, bark, and grass. Solid, Suuuuuin ovoo, Stipa and Uyenen, and high hills. Sakhalin, Zavag, Ulaantolgoi, Khuitei, Sarigin Gobi and Tsaidam valley.

Iron ore, coal, chemicals, and raw materials for prospecting are the most valuable prospects for the prospect. In the Gobi area, the average temperature is around 22-24 degrees Celsius -16 degrees in January and 130.4 mm in January.

Luus  sum is located:

  • 50 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 330 km from the province center.