Province: Dundgobi Province
Centre of sum: Khuld , 83 km located from  Dundgobi.
Area: 607.0 km2

Khuld is a sum (district) of Dundgovi Province in central Mongolia. Khuld soum  has a territory of 607.0 thousand square kilometers established in 1923. The soum center is located in the soum of Umnugovi province.

The northern part of the country is a fascinating steppes and the southern part of the desert steppe. 

The scenic landscape of the beautiful scenic springs, the Tsagaan Suvarga, the Horizontal Cave and the Senjit Khad are located on the territory of the soum.

Khuld sum is located:

  • 343 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 83 km from the province center.