Province: Dundgobi Province
Centre of sum: Tsant , 74 km located from  Dundgobi.
Population: 2'408
Area: 3624 km2

Deren is a sum (district) of Dundgovi Province in central Mongolia. The soum was first established in 1924 by the name of Delgerzogt khoshuu soum of Bogd Khan Uul aimag. 

The soum has a total area of 362.2 hectares and is entirely within steppe zone. It is located in the steppe zone of Bayantsagaan, Bayan-Ungalan, Tsagaandelger, Govi-Ugtaal, Gurvansaikhan, Saintsagaan and Delgertsogt soums of Tuv aimag.

The steppe vegetation is dominated by grassland and low mountain ranges in the steppe zone of vegetation-geographic classification. Most of the area is dominated by salmon-brown-brown marble steppes with saline brown soil and dominant plants such as leeks and bones. In the soil there is a red soils.
Climate is in the dry steppe region. The average annual air temperature is 2-4 degrees.

Deren sum is located:

  • 210 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 74 km from the province center.