Province: Dornogovi Province
Centre of sum: Khatanbulag , 240 km located from Sainshand .
Population: 3'096
Area: 17551 km2

Khatanbulag  is a sum (district) and town of Dornogovi Province in southeastern Mongolia.  The population is 3096. It grows plants such as acacia tree, yellow tree, bitter gulls, bananas, bananas, lilies, trees, tortuous, gorgeous, sparrows, gazelle, golden elm and elms.

Animal species are native to Gobi including wild gazelles, gazelles, gazelles, corsac foxes, corsac foxes, molluscs, corsac foxes, badgers, owls, elk, owl, owl, moon and bustard.

Khatanbulag sum is located:

  • 693 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 240 km from the province center.