Province: Dornogovi Province
Centre of sum: Altanshiree , 84 km located from Sainshand .
Population: 1'307
Area: 7225 km2

Altanshiree is a sum (district) and town of Dornogovi Province in southeastern Mongolia.  Founded in 1934. 1307 population. Area of 7,225.7 km². In this soum there are many natural resources, including brown coal, fluorspar, gold, iron ore, and uranium, as well as several oil explorations.

It has beautiful scenery and history memorials such as the Shiren stones, the Senjit rock, the Khuur tsagdai connecting highway, Zel rock, Tsenk spots, white stone statues of Daley water, monastery, Mogoi spring and Baul tree.

Altanshiree sum is located:

  • 445 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 84 km from the province center.