Province: Ulaanbaatar
Name: Bayanzurkh , districts in Ulaanbaatar
Population: 221'565
Area: 1244 km2

One of 9 districts in Ulaanbaatar. Bayanzurkh is the largest district in the capital and is located in the southeastern part of the city. Founded in 1965.
Bayanzurkh district has 124,400 hectares of land, beautiful nature of water elbow, and flowers, fruit trees, mineral water and medicinal plants, locating places of Bogd Khan Mountain - Baga Tenger, Bogino Khuree, Chuluut, Bumbat, Zalaat, Tur Khurakhiin Am and Khar Usan Tohoi.

The district, beautifully surrounded by hills, forests, and steppe, contains the character of a city with exquisite buildings, broad streets, roads, bridges and monuments.

There are over 4700 business entities and organizations in the district, of which 151 are budget entities, 420 are non-governmental organizations and 18 are public companies and 3345 LLCs. In addition, 49 state-owned enterprises operate in 13 districts.

The population is 221,565 and is 1,244.1 km².