Province: Khentii Province
Centre of sum: Umnudelger   , 110 km located from Chingis city.
Population: 10'877
Area: 3381 km2

Umnudelger  is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. The Umnudelger soum was established in 1923 in the territory of the Mergen Gun’s khoshuu of Setsen Khan province.Population of Umnudelger soum is 5,156.

It is bordered by Russia on 50 km to Batshireet, Binder soum, east to Kherlen soum, yurtuur Murun soum, Jargaltkhaan and Tsenhermandal soums to the west, Mungunmorit soum and Tuv province to Selenge. 

The northern part of the whole region of Umnudelger is the mountain range of the Khentii Mountains.

Umnudelger   sum is located:

  • 280 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 110 km from the province center.