Province: Khentii Province
Centre of sum: Jargaltkhaan  , 96 km located from Chingis city.
Population: 1'831
Area: 2752 km2

Jargaltkhaan is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. On December 5, 1923, the Government of Mongolia adopted a resolution on 57th anniversary of the Government of Mongolia and the temporary governance of Khan Khentii Mountain Province was organized as ten, fifty, soum and khoshuus in the soum. The heroine Beil dynasty is named Bayanzurkh khoshuu. Thus, the first soum was established in the territory of Jargaltkhaan soum.

Jargaltkhaan resident settlement - 1,831. It has a territory of 2,752 km². 

Jargaltkhaan  sum is located:

  • 240 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 96 km from the province center.