Province: Khentii Province
Centre of sum: Batnorov  , 105 km located from Chingis city.
Population: 2'693
Area: 4968 km2

Batnorov is a sum (district) of Khentii Province in eastern Mongolia. 

Batnorov sum is bordorin with west to Kherlen, north-west of Binder north to Bayan-Adraga, north-west of Norovlin on the north, east-east, Bayan-Ovoo, south-west of Bayanhutag soums, total area of 515197 hectares, 496.2 thousand hectares pasture land, 9.2 thousand hectares of hayfields and 6.4 thousand hectares of forest land and 2.5 thousand hectares of land.

Batnorov  sum is located:

  • 430 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 105 km from the province center.