Province: Dornod province
Centre of sum: Bayan , 127 km located from Choibalsan city.
Population: 1'776
Area: 3773 km2

Khulunbuir is a sum (district) of Dornod Province in eastern Mongolia. 997 people from 256 households with 89.1 thousand heads of livestock from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have migrated to 1945 and were named after Khulunbuir soum of Choibalsan. The Khulunbuir soum is located along Sukhbaatar, Tumentsogt soums of Sukhbaatar province, Bayan-Ovoo and Norovlin soums of Khentii province and Tsagaan-Ovoo and Bulgan soums of Khovd province and along the main road connecting Ulaanbaatar to Dornod province.

Khulenbuir soum has a total area of 373.5 thousand square kilometers, with 503 households and 1698 residents.

Khulunbuir sum is located:

  • 540 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 127 km from the province center.