Province: Dornod province
Centre of sum: Ereentsav , 240 km located from Choibalsan city.
Population: 1'609
Area: 6539 km2

Chuluunhoroot is a sum (district) of Dornod Province in eastern Mongolia. Founded in 1956. Chuluunhoroot soum of Dornod province is located in the north-east of Mongolia. It stretches from east to west, with a continental climate of 653,000 hectares and is located at the lowest point of Mongolia, 552 m above sea level.

In winter, the snow falls heavily and the soil is frozen deeply, the average winter -36 degrees in the winter season, the average summer season is +33 degrees, winds are stable in spring and autumn, wind speeds up to 24 m / s.

The Dashbalbar soum is on the west, Russia on the north, China on the east, and on the border of three borders along the border with Choibalsan.

Chuluunhoroot sum is located:

  • 901  km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 240  km from the province center.