Province: Darkhan-Uul Province
Centre of sum: capital of the Darkhan-Uul
Population: 180'804
Area: 103 км²

Darkhan  is the third largest city in Mongolia and the capital of Darkhan-Uul Aimag (Darkhan-Uul Province). Established in 1994. Darkhan soum has 9804 territories. The Orkhon River Basin is located along the Kharaa River. The Khangai is located in the steppe region, with its pine, cedar, aspen, spruce and black wood.

On the south and south, Khongor of Darkhan Uul, Orkhon soum to the north, and Saikhan soum of Selenge aimag.

  • 220 km from Ulaanbaatar.
  • Selenge aimag 100 km from Sukhbaatar soum
  • The border crossing is 130 km from Altanbulag
  • Orkhon aimag is located 180 km from Bayan-Undur soum.

The weather warms up to 47.6 degrees in July, reaching 43.7 ° C.