Tumen Ekh Ensemble

Tumen Ekh Ensemble


The ensemble Mongolian National song and dance “Tumen Ekh ” exiting for 29 years has been offering you all the the opportunity Mongolian element art will be feel chance and allow by first face in saved to national style and snug sphere from close distance. 

Our performance program:

  • Khan’s of blue sky (shamanism dance)
  • Majestic Tsam mask dance
  • The art of Khuumii originated from the sound of mountain and water
  • Wonder of Morin khuur expressing the world with two strings
  • Frame of mind long songs magic
  • Long and short songs
  • Bii bieleg, the expression of nations and ethnic groups custom and dance genres 
  • Performance of contortion showing by springy girls
  • Kinds of traditional instruments
  • Chant and epic

Please visit and appreciate our performance consisting of the works known as the best Mongolian national arts and admired in the world such as enology and epics.

We will show complex services of Mongolian wonderful art…

Time table:  Everyday: at 04:00, 06:00 PM
Address: In the National Amusement Park, Chinggis avenue, next to “Seoul” restaurant 
Tell: (976) 9696-6667, 8807-1183
Facebook: Tumen Ekh National Song and Dance Ensemble