Mongolian Ethnographic Ger Museum

Mongolian Ethnographic Ger Museum


Ethnographic Ger Museum
The ethnographic Ger museums is one of the business card that promotes the nomadic lifestyle and culture of our generation that is moving away from us day by day. The museum has over 300 exhibitions contains the ancient nomadic Mongolians of XVII to the early 20th century, including the cultural, religious items, and rare books and scripts.

Mongolian tea tradition
Mongolians usually use animal milk with their own oil, salt and oil nutriments in their tea that makes them distinctly different from the types other nations use. Please take further interest in the recipes, method of preparation, procedures and the dictations of nomadic Mongolians. 

The ceremony of the brewing (Togoo nereh)
Mongolians widely used traditional alcohol beverage made by distillated curds. It is known as Nermel (distillation), Shimiin, and Milk’s alcohol. We can illustrate the classic version of the alcohol brewing (Togoo nereh) of a typical Mongolian family. Depending on the season sample tasting is also available. 

Location: Khan-uul district, 4th khoroo. Artsat 17-587, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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