Province: Gobisumber Province
Centre of sum: Shivee Gobi   , 35 km located from  Gobisumber .
Population: 3'023
Area: 8576 km2

Shivee Gobi  is a sum of Gobisumber Province in central Mongolia. The sum was founded in August 1994. 85755 hectares of land. Dalanjargalan soum of Dornogovi province, east of Bayanjargalan soum of Dundgovi province, bordered with Sumber soum of Govisumber province to north and north east. 270 km from Ulaanbaatar, 35 km from Govisumber province, 210 km from Dornogovi province center Sainshand, 186 km from Mandalgovi province center, 90 km from Darkhan soum of Hentii aimag, 50 km from Dalanjargalan soum, and 60 km from Bayanjargalan soum of Dundgovi province.

The soum is connected by a paved road connecting Ulaanbaatar and Zamiin-Uud and passes through an international transit railway connecting Mongolia's northern and southern neighbors.

Shivee Gobi sum is located:

  • 273 km from Ulaanbaatar,
  • 33 km from the province center.