Province: Gobisumber Province
Centre of sum: Bayantal , 25 km located from  Gobisumber .
Population: 931
Area: 8576 km2

Bayantal  is a sum of Govisümber Province in central Mongolia. In 1994, a new administrative structure was organized and was established by Bayantal soum . There are 1182 households in 361 households. The total land area is 91606 hectares.

In northern Govisumber province:

  • 200 km from Ulaanbaatar
  • It is located 27 km from the province center.

The Tsagaandelger, Dundgovi province, west of the province, Bayan, Bayanjargalan soums of Tuv province and Soums of Govisumber province borders on the 14th, 16th and 18th crossings of the railway.

Weather conditions:
It's cool and windy, with summer and harsh winter.

  • Average January temperature -25 ° C
  • Average temperature in July is +20 ° C