Starting price: 1199$
North region
11 days


Explore the Taiga, the region that is unknown even to the locals. Tsaatan people live in the harshest environment following their livelihood Reindeers (Tsaa). Through our Taiga tour, you will be able to explore the region on horseback and reindeer.

A big part of your time in the taiga will be spent with community members, telling stories, playing games, and getting to know the Tsaatan people and their culture. Activities will vary depending on time of year and weather. Visitors may wish to learn local card games, play outdoor games with children, learn to cook bread, listen to storytelling, take a nature walk, go berry picking, or swim in the chilly lakes and rivers of the taiga. You
may be able to help with basic tasks around camp to experience a slice of daily life. 

Some chores and activities, however, are best left to the herders. If you don’t know how to do something, it is usually best to sit back and observe before offering to help. If there is something you would like to do, such as hiking, learning about plant life, or hearing local myths, communicate with your translator and guide. Please do not expect to have full days of activities planned for you or to be entertained at all times. Visitors should be prepared to ask questions or sit back, be quiet and observe.