I can help you during tour in my country
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Hello. My name is Enkhmaa. I am ready to help you during the tour. I am personality guide. I can show you the Ulaanbaatar city. It might be cheaper than the other personality guides. Please contact my e-mail. Undarmaaenkhmaa1@gmail.com 🙂🙂

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  Nicolò Scovazzi
Informations about trips to the Altaj region
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I'd like to know the exact day in which the Navrus festival will be performed and the city in which it will take place.

Then, I'd like to know if, once landed in Olgii, there is a travel agency or there's anyone who can provide a car or be our guide to explore the Altaj region. we are 2 people and we are supposed to stay in Mongolia for 13-14 days. What will be the cost of such service? 

is there any possibility to find a place to stay in day by day? 


thank you for every suggest! 




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reindeer tour
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Hello. I want to do a 12 to 16 day tour which includes visiting the reindeer people by horse. I would like to leave around 12th to 15th August. I will be on my own so would like to join a small group. I have found a couple of itineraries that I like but the dates are not ideal and/or they have no people to share yet. Thanks.

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  Scherzade Arastalis
If I want to stay 1 year
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hi there , 

I fall in love with your country . I want to travel this country . All over the country . I know its not possible to see within short time. so I decided to stay for 1 year . 

Please let me know cost and other details. 




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