Darkhad is unique tradition inheriting the rituals of the Buu relegion and inhabiting Ulaan Taiga, Sayan mountain range, Lake Hovsgol, Renchinlkhümbe, Tsagaannuur, Ulaan-Uul and Bayanzurkh soums in the north of Khuvsgul province. Darkhad is the ancestor of the forest inhabitants of the north of Mongolia and is composed of the sum of the Mongol and Tureg tribes. There are a total of 32 tribes in Darkhad, including 16 tribes, such as Khar Darkhad, Ukhaa Darkhad, Sharnuud, Barnuud and Chonod. The Darkhad ethnic group is a mixed ethnic of the origins of the Mongol and Tureg tribe.
In 555, the third king of Tureg, Kigin, captured many tribes in the Tagna-Sayan area, was named after Darkhad, and was generally called "forest people". Forest people live in the forests from Lake Baikal to Hövsgöl Lake, living in urts, raising reindeer herds, and raising yaks.
In Mongolia, there are 22 579 people, representing 0,8 percent of the total population.

The dappled slope of the Darkhad deel is similar to Buryats'. Darkhads speak Mongolian but have a unique melody and vocabulary. The tone of the Darkhan folk sound is short, the words are clear, and there are about 700 songs. The fountain is covered by the beautiful nature of the Khuvsgul Mountains and the Shishged valley.